a bro hoe is someone that drives or wants a lifted truck with a long bed. wears no fear, so cal, fox, metla mulisha, infamous, or srh. likes supercross, x games, ect. dyes her hair half blonde and half black, or dyes her hair dark brown. is often seen kickin it with the bros. says the words, bro dude, dgaf, liveitup, ect often. spends most of her time on facebook. believes in "talk shit, get hit!" she's white, tall, with big titts. dates a bro who rides. and often kisses her man in public to show the haters that they can look but not touch.
aye that gurls a bro hoe!
fuckbroshard;) tərəfindən 06 Avqust 2011
bro hoes are the girl version of bros and no we dont sleep with the boys we roll with so yoou all can quit talking yoour shit but anyway check it: we drive lifted trucks love black eyeliner and mascara we ride dirt bikes just like the guys we are tatted and pierced and we like guys that are tatted and pierced and most of us have black hair or black with blonde we are bitches but only if yoou piss us off true bro hoes know how to fight and could more then likely kick yoour ass we know how to hang with the boys and we ain't afraid to get dirty we shop at no fear and we support clothing like skin srh famous so cal...etc we listen to the kottonmouth kings and kingspade and others like that we drink we smoke and we know how to party we dont take shit from anyone and we dont talk shit behind backs we go straight up to yoou and say it
im a 619 east county bro hoe and proud of it bezzy
lil miss jenny baby tərəfindən 14 May 2008
A brohoe is a guy who is in a bromance with two or more guys at the same time
Dyllan is such a brohoe. Brandon and Andrew are both in a bromance with him.
Realteenlife tərəfindən 30 Avqust 2014
A teenage girl who flirts with any guy she sees, but is not looking for a relationship. Bro-Hoes tend to hang out with most guys because they give her more attention and respect than most girls.
(Bro-Hoe 1) A hot girl who flirts with you, but is seen often flirting with other guys.

(Bro-Hoe 2) A hot girl who does not have a boyfriend to keep the attention of other guys.

(Bro-Hoe 3) A hot girl who spends most of her time on facebook instead of textbooks so she can post (PhotoShop'd) pictures of herself for guys to see.
flickerz394 tərəfindən 20 May 2012
A Bro Hoe (also called Homie Hopper) is a type of girl normally found in southern california whom takes a particular liking to bro's (Bro's being guys with tattoos, muscles, always look greasy, and have trucks lifted too high for no reason and listen to a lot of bad rap/metal/rock)
Bro Hoes usually have a lot of white/black/pink hair, orange tans, and are VERY slutty and for some reason you can tell by looking at them they just might smell in need of a shower.

they have SoCal stickers/tattoos and are obsessed with barbie and hello kitty.

They do anything for attention (flash, make out with girls, and start fights and get drunk) and are usually very heavy into meth and coke.
I loved Tina until she turned into a total bro hoe.
cupcake65000 tərəfindən 22 Aprel 2011
well.. a bro hoe is very common in so cal and havasu area. they roll with the boys, usually hate all other girls that dont look and act like them. they want to do and have everything the boys have (lifted trucks, dirtbikes, bongs ect) these girls can actually be very sweet but they talk alot of shit. they love running around drunk or stoned out of their mind. flipping off the camera and others is their favorite thing to do. they dream boy is usually Travis Barker or D Loc from Kottonmouth Kings. they were duckfeet which is flaired out acirlic nails. usually designed with zebra or spades. and screwing guys with tattoos is always a plus for them. i happen to roll with alot of bro hoes so im around their enviroment alot.
Cindy-"who myspace is that?"
Jake-"i dont know, just some bro hoe."
cindy-"wow, she looks kinda sluty."
Jake-"well duh, why do you think im looking at her."
lalalalindsayyyy tərəfindən 24 Noyabr 2008
-Girls who-
D.G.A.F. (dont give a fuck)
Love Lifted trucks/lowered tricks, fast cars, dirtbikers, guys that wakeboard, skate, snow board
Have more guy friends than girls
Usually wear brands Like.. SRH, SOCAL, SKIN, 187 INC., MOB INC. (but never at the same time) Ect.
LOVE Sweat suits
Have at least 2 larrge purses
Have Half blonde half black hair
Can kick ANY other bitches ass
Pretty Fuckin Popular!!
Have Tiffany Jewlry (lots of it)
Usualy have SiiCK ass Colored Acrylic tips that flare out
Easy to get along with unless you fuck with them or are more bitchy then them... then watch the FUCK out!
Im prolly the only Bro hoe up in NorCal.. WATCH THE FUCK OUT!!
My Nails GO tərəfindən 06 İyun 2007
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