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Graffiti terminology. When your shit gets painted over by the authorities, MTA, property owners etc
"Yo that ill piece I did on the highway overpass got buffed by the man"
MTISM tərəfindən 05 Sentyabr 2005
to be well-built or stocky and muscly
Damn, see that guys muscles? He's buffed to the max.
auTeX tərəfindən 21 Aprel 2005
Used in the gaming community, it can be interchangeable with the word "strengthened".
The weapons in the game were too weak, so the programmers buffed them to appease the groaning game users.
Good Gnus tərəfindən 07 İyul 2014
to be watching a video and have it begin buffering half way through, especially if the video is being show for a large public presentation
"You got buffed!" or "That presenter got buffed half way through his video about africa, so the assembly took twice as long."
MOON-E tərəfindən 07 İyul 2009
1.had give oral sex
2.gave head
azelia buffed king las nite
BABYKING 515 tərəfindən 06 May 2007
extremely tired, worn out from having too much sex or masterbating excessively
"Shit man, i whacked my weenie 8 times today; I'm so fuckin' buffed"-mark

"Mmm, me and brandon did the dirty 4 times today and we were both so buffed we slept all day.
LicksMmm tərəfindən 28 Yanvar 2005