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Bush cookie has three meanings its main meaning is vagina
But it is also another word for a girl virgins cherry her virginity is her bush cookie
And it also means pussy as in wimpy little scared bitch
example one - i wanna fuck her bush cookie
example 2 - virgin says : Nobody is getting my bush cookie!
example 3 - douche says : fuck man i dont wanna tell ma dad what happened..
friend says : man stop being such a bush cookie and tell him
disturbed tərəfindən 05 Aprel 2004

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a sexual term used to describe a pussy.
Boy,She has a good bush cookie!
Dale Fourtner tərəfindən 27 Oktyabr 2003
a slang term for Vagina.
I was finger bangin' the bush cookie while sitting in the back of the school bus.
scott tərəfindən 25 Fevral 2003