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tall, medium tan complexion, handsome; known for making beautiful girls fall in love by one touch from his juicy lips
When chacko enters a club, the music stop and the girls get wet between the legs and begs for a kiss on his lips. Also, smooookin hot!!! caliente style
pimp of the year tərəfindən 09 İyun 2003

chacko sözünə oxşar sözlər

alka robin big booty dipshit dumb guy kundi male man moron stupid ugly
a socially retarded dipshit who thinks everyone everyone loves them and/or thinks all the ladies want the small package in his pants. Oblivious to many unattractive qualities on own face/body.
Josh: HEY BECKY. *staring at tits*
Becca: hi josh...


Becca: Josh is such an ugly fucking chacko
Oteca tərəfindən 01 Oktyabr 2010