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Possibly slang for the word "conversing." Most likely used by people ignorant of the fact that the word is "conversing."
We was conversatin' and all that shit, right? and all of a sudden she told me to go to hell and I was like, WTF, biatch!
Miss Take tərəfindən 17 Dekabr 2003
1. To strike up some chats with the homies
2. To make small talk to check to see if the new dealer on the block is a cop
I was just conversatin with ma peeps
Peon tərəfindən 12 Oktyabr 2004
Does anyone else find it fucking hilarious that MasterPlan thinks "conversating" is a word?
I got a 400 on the SAT's English section!?!?! D:
wutufux tərəfindən 20 İyul 2004
This could perhaps be 'conversating' less the last letter. However, this definition does require the word 'conversating' to exist. It does not. Therefore it is far more likely thats it is a mispelled version of 'conversation'.
don't abrieviate words that dont exist, you spaz
Jofra tərəfindən 23 May 2004
to engage in socializing
we were drinkin & conversatin all night long
hateless tərəfindən 08 Dekabr 2003