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a white bird that coos a lot
look, a dove.
out of ideas tərəfindən 27 İyun 2004
Mispronunciation of "dub"--A "double dime" --two $10.00 quantities--of illicit drugs (usually crack). Refers also to one (single) $20.00 quantity of drugs.
Dude: Yo, set me up a dove.

Mon: You got the whole thing?

Dude: Yeah I got the twenty.
muttleydeed tərəfindən 11 Avqust 2005
a twenny sack
"sup wit the dove-sack gee?"

G tərəfindən 22 Fevral 2003
dove is a soap that women use and it makes your skin soft.
dove makes my skin soft
x___tranceaddict tərəfindən 06 İyul 2005
a white special bird that people use for a symbol of love.
On their wedding day, the doves flew away as she walked down the aisle.
MaryJane00112 tərəfindən 24 May 2009
A posh pigeon.
'Omg, a pigeon'
'No, thats a dove. See? It's white'
Thom_cat tərəfindən 07 Sentyabr 2008
a beautiful bird. she is divine and pure, and everything that any other animal would aspire to be. she is very loving and caring. a dove is an authoratative leader, but is not too harsh. doves and tigers go hand-in-hand and should be together forever. in short, a dove is perfection.
Look how beautiful that is!

That's because it's a dove!
zentigon tərəfindən 23 Avqust 2009