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Very bad weed. This weed either does not get you high, or creates a high that no body likes.
"Ah dawg u got some of dat dud bud."

" Dont get yo shit of him, he's got dudbud "
Shacakahn tərəfindən 14 Avqust 2007

dudbud sözünə oxşar sözlər

park pal bad weed bunk chronic dubud duddbudd hippie homeless
Bud of highly unpotent marijuana that at most will give the smoker a headache. Usually characterized by an exceeding presence of stems, seeds, and leaves. Usually accessible to low-level dealers; if your buddy picks up a half-ounce of this, tell him to get his money back.
I picked up some dud bud off my friend's friend, smoked 3 grams of this crap and I didn't even get a buzz.
Elvis Potsley tərəfindən 12 Avqust 2007