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That annoying piece of shit rubber that penetrates your ears. The bass explodes loudly with the earbud/s (can be used plurally).
"Chelsey, you ripped my earbud out!"
"Chelsey, you ripped my earbuds out!"
Lizzie Liz Fairchild tərəfindən 29 Aprel 2007
23 6
Friends who listen to every word you say when you're saying something you don't want others to overhear.
Person 1: I just finished overhearing Charlotte talk about her secret. She sucks her thumb like a baby at night.

Person 2: Aren't you NOT supposed to know that?

Person 1: Nah, it's all good. We're Ear Buds!
Tabbycat_Sheena tərəfindən 18 Mart 2011
2 2
Very large dicks that are called Buds, that go inside one's ear
Hey dude! You want Ear Buds?
Sammy Holland tərəfindən 19 İyun 2011
3 4
The sexual act in which the man ejaculates into his partner's ear canal.
She couldn't hear anything right after I finished giving her a huge earbud.
JJJSchmidt tərəfindən 24 Fevral 2010
4 9