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when one person smokes a blunt(weed) to him/herself.
yo son i aint smoked all day I'm bout to take a facer.
pyro1421 tərəfindən 24 İyul 2008
44 24
noun- a blunt smoked entirely by one person to the face until the buddha is all gone or mental retardation begins to occur
I smoked a dank forty-dollar facer at the Cudi concert last night and felt like I was on the Pursuit of Happiness.
Steaz tərəfindən 15 Dekabr 2010
8 2
slang term for facebook
"check out my pics on facers"
Nicola Silcock tərəfindən 27 May 2008
9 8
someone who fucks up a lot when they type
Stefan: "hey kyla <#3"
Stefan: "* <3/"
Stefan: "* <3"
Kyla: "WOW you are such a facer :P"
InsanityWolf tərəfindən 30 Mart 2011
6 6
The person that sat directly opposite you on a bus or train, that is trying as much as you to not make eye contact, its a difficult, tedious and emabarrasing situation
"couldnt take that call kido, had a facer on the way in, and the rest of the bus was empty!"
theshadyyouallknow tərəfindən 31 İyul 2009
3 4
French verb meaning to facebook (it is now an official French verb!)
"Je dois facer ce soir cas je suis triste" I have to facebook tonight as i'm a sad git
amandine13 tərəfindən 09 Fevral 2010
1 4
Def. 1-What you call an ugly girl when you are talking to your friend and he has his back turned to her.

Def. 2-A girl turned away from you that seems hott but upon turning around you realize she is ugly.
Def. 1-Friend 1: 'Hey that chick's a facer'
::Friend 2 turns around::
Friend 1: 'She looks good until you face her'

Def. 2-'That chick is fiiine'
::girl turns around::
'Nevermind.. she's a facer'
RedRaider34 tərəfindən 25 Fevral 2009
2 6