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1. deliberately mischievous or non-malicious modification of property: fandalism of public buildings. With intent of showing appreciation of said property.
2. the conduct or spirit characteristic of the fandals.
3. willful or ignorant alteration of artistic or literary treasures with view for appreciation or correction.
4. a fandalic act.
Person 1: Who's wrote on our sign!?
Person 2: Must be a fan, look at it
Person 1: "We love you.." but they're wrote all over it! it looks a mess!
Person 2: Aww, bless. Such fandalism.
Stanto tərəfindən 26 Fevral 2008

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appreciation fandal fandalic fandalise fandals modification vandalism
The non-violent act committed against an individual who is a fake or pretend fan.
During the World Cup when I see and hear bandwagon supporters, I feel like committing fandalism
kasserian tərəfindən 19 İyun 2014