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Something that fails miserably
The Final Fantasy movie was the biggest flop since Battlefield Earth.
AYB tərəfindən 13 Mart 2003
When someone bails on you at the last minute.
"I can't believe she flopped on me."
J.C tərəfindən 09 Avqust 2005
The first three board cards dealt in Texas Hold 'em poker. This is the only true definition.
The flop was a rainbow: 3d, 4c, 9s
Big Chimper tərəfindən 16 İyul 2003
when a basketball player falls unnecessarily, after little or no contact
Wow, there goes Manu again, flopping after no contact
getsomemeng tərəfindən 03 May 2010
To grossly exagerate a push/trip in a sport to draw a foul. Most common in basketball and soccer.
"Foul? Are you kidding me? That was a total flop! F***ing refs!"
Kyoh tərəfindən 28 Yanvar 2008
A failed attempt.
Something that just isn't going to happen.
Someone who will never succeed.
An idea that has fallen apart.
A home that is just a mess.
I tried to do a back flip off my trampoline, and boy was that a flop! I am now in a wheelchair.
defininymyworld tərəfindən 22 Sentyabr 2008
to cancel plans with your friends, family, bf/gf at the last minute
we were supposed to go to see a movie, but he flopped on me
youpooohead tərəfindən 06 Sentyabr 2006