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The lowest of the lowest. Flyshit is shit from a fly. A fly is an useless animal, and the only thing he does is annoy humans.

Usually black people call someone a piece of flyshit when they think they are completely useless and low.
Woah, wtf have u done nigga? I tought you were OK but you turned out to be a piece of flyshit.
ARNXXXx tərəfindən 30 Mart 2008

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1337 black people drugs fly low niggers shit stupid
Getting something really good.
That's some fly shit.
abcdefghijlk tərəfindən 28 Noyabr 2012
This terms refers to a bunch of non-sensical talk or when someone keeps talking a bunch of bullshit. I first heard it when I moved to Philly, but don't know the exact origination.
Man, she was talking all that fly shit the other day, but I wasn't payin chic no mind.
Bailey all day tərəfindən 11 İyun 2010
A Very small amount that needs to be taken of something
eg machining a shaft ,Scraping a White Metal Bearing
Tradesman:Take a fly shit of that shaft
Apprentist: (Blank Look)
Tradesman:Thats 1 Thou Dickhead
Apprentist: (Blank Look)
Tradesman: Oh Thats Right! you lot only learned metric
Peter Fridolf tərəfindən 23 İyun 2007