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Freeposting is the life blood of the internet. It is more than a religion or a hobby - it is a lifestyle choice (no hoom)- that only a few of us brave enough can rise to. To truely be a innovative and creative freeposter you must live and breathe the freepost. You must wake up in the morning thinking how you will approach that days freeposts and how you can come up with imaginitve and new ways to express them.
It is also wise to study the great masters of the freepost. These are not hard to find - their words are few and their post counts are high.
This was not a freepost.
I post therefore I freepost.
ukthreadster tərəfindən 21 Noyabr 2006

freepost sözünə oxşar sözlər

forum noob spam ban freeposting internet uk thread
To "freely post" on a forum without consideration of the rules of the thread or the topic at hand. Also called spam.
I think that noob got banned for freeposting.
KEVBOJENKINS tərəfindən 18 İyul 2006