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A live performance, either musical, theatrical, or physical.
The band has a gig tommorow night.
Shannon tərəfindən 09 Aprel 2003
908 207
1. A job, usually in the entertainment injustry.
2. An abbreviated form of "gigabyte."
3. A verb meaning to use a spear-like implement to stab into a small animal such as a fish or frog.
1. For a day gig I do editing for the Food Channel.
2. I have a 60-gig drive you can borrow.
3. My cousin and I went out frog gigging last night.
the other theo tərəfindən 02 İyul 2004
392 265
to go dumb on the dance floor.. get into it mayne! yadadamean!?
"Gig so hard make my pants fall down!!"
thizzin_it tərəfindən 16 Aprel 2005
453 399
Glasses, spectacles, sunglasses
Look at those gigs he's wearing.
Zmugzy tərəfindən 16 İyul 2008
90 54
Job, usually referring to the music and entertainment industry. Can also apply to contract work in the IT and computer field . Any temporary or incidental employment.
I start a new gig this Friday playing guitar at the blue's club.

I just got a gig as assistant director on a feature film.
gigmode tərəfindən 05 İyun 2007
173 141
to have rythm in dance, to be able to dance and excel in it.
Damn that girl got some gigs.
Kihara tərəfindən 02 İyun 2005
98 71
a job/work
i'm going to the gig to get my check.
shaunNCP tərəfindən 08 Oktyabr 2003
93 73