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Nasty, dirty, disgusting, foul, revolting, yucky.
Are you sure you want to eat that Chinese food? It looks all grody.
MoonKnight tərəfindən 22 Noyabr 2002
1206 261
noun: disgusting, dirty or just plain unappealing.

inflected: grodier, grodiest

it seams this may be an Americanized pronounciation of the british "grotty", which means "of poor quality".
"sit in the back seat, i spilled honey on the front seat and it's all grody."

"those are the grodiest rest rooms in the state"
protocoldroid tərəfindən 17 İyun 2004
1130 357
gross, disgusting, dirty, filthy, nasty
That is grody to the max.
Who would wear that grody looking sock?
Sarah tərəfindən 25 Aprel 2005
325 117
Really disgusting and gross.
Your feet are grody!
psycho chick!! tərəfindən 04 İyun 2005
180 112
a word descirbing something grimy and icky.
ewww, that's really grody.
Waterfalls__ tərəfindən 15 Sentyabr 2005
151 103
adj. (grow-dee): when someone is dirty, gross, uncempt, bad hygene, nappy hair, greasy, not very good looking etc.
that bitch is grody...if you touch her you'll probably get Lou Gehrig's disease...
Brian F from Tampa tərəfindən 27 Aprel 2007
112 73
disgusting, foul, unclean
This food is so grody it makes me want to puke.
Light Joker tərəfindən 17 Yanvar 2007
71 41