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The sound one makes while somehow through some mysterious error snorts something up ones nose accidentaly.
What's this, Iodine? *SNIFF* GROINT!!!
Zach "The Scotsman" Folkman tərəfindən 29 Oktyabr 2003

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badgi chode fuda fupa groger groin nifkin slunt taint
The area of skin on either side of the nutsack, in between the balls and the thigh and not quite far back enough to be the taint.
Go ahead and rub my groint.
Shepporama tərəfindən 31 İyul 2008
The sound a person makes when they accidentally inhaled an item.
Oh this packet of potato chips tastes so good i'm going to eat it from the bag with my face... *GROINT!* OH JESUS!!!
Blajke Chandler tərəfindən 14 Noyabr 2008