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a way to say hell in front of adults
what the....oh, hi mrs.applebottom! what the h-e-double hockey sticks?!?!?
crazyweirdo tərəfindən 17 Yanvar 2009
It means “Hell” as a hockey stick's shape is akin to the letter “L” so, add two “L” after H and E and it spells Hell.
You are going to h. e. double hockeysticks you sinner!
Yvan Blais tərəfindən 18 Avqust 2006
Euphemism for hell.
What the h-e-double hockey sticks is this!?!
Magny tərəfindən 13 Yanvar 2012
When you say this it is probobly a nice way to saw hell. Usually kids under the age of eight say this
What the 'H' 'E' Double Hockey Stick!!!
DeeThatsMee tərəfindən 06 Yanvar 2009
Long way politically correct (not really) way of saying "hell". Adults often use this term to avoid children from picking up the word "hell".
Ross: "DANGER!"
Rachel: "What the H-E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS, Ross?!"
Ross: "unagi."
keepon18 tərəfindən 06 Yanvar 2012
The term "h e double hockey stick" refers to saying the word hell.
H E Double Hockey Stick (1999) TV Movie.
JV2012 tərəfindən 22 Yanvar 2012
what conservative Christians say instead of Hell
Kid 1: What the hell!
Kid 2: mommy Kid #1 said h e double hockey sticks
Copper Cab tərəfindən 13 Sentyabr 2013