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A circular form of continuous headbanging, demonstrated by only the most metal of metal bands.
I saw Decapitated last night, that was some hairnado inducing metal.
caralizabeth tərəfindən 12 İyun 2007
A pubic phenomenon of massive growth. This happens when the hair on the external pubic region is in excess of the available surface area, thus forcing the growth into a turbulent swirling tornado of hair and debris.
Once I saw my date's hairnado, I had to run for cover in the basement!
Yoga Mom tərəfindən 15 Avqust 2011
A tornado of dog hair resulting from drying a very hairy dog with a hair dryer after a bath.
Dude I dried off that hairy ass dog.. it was a fucking hairnado back there.
RoffleRofl tərəfindən 01 İyun 2011