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Slang term referring to a male or female orgasm.
I had a happy after that girl gave me head.

I had a clitoral happy after my boyfriend licked the alphabet in my labia.
Cheta tərəfindən 15 May 2003
My defintion of HAPPY is more like a code word. I got this code word from my sister and her best friend that she lives with. It means to be: High, Blazed, toasterd, fried, and all of the above. The reason they use this word is because a little boy that likes to tell his Mommy everything he hears. So, instead of saying, "OMG man, I am so high!!" You can say, "I am so happy" And this way mommy, and who ever else, doesn't have to know. LOL Know let's get HAPPY!!!!
We will get happy tonight when we smoke that fat ass Blunt!!
Danielle AKA Danhell tərəfindən 22 May 2006
:-)======D 0-:

that's being happy
getting great hed
outerspaceapple tərəfindən 20 May 2004
an emotion that is a complete lie
u dun wanna kno tərəfindən 15 İyul 2003
for a male: a sudden case of blue balls after I walk by

for a female: we'll never show it, so why tell?
As soon as she walked in the door, e'ry1 noticed that D was verrrrrry happy
DatBytchUWant~~Lala tərəfindən 08 Avqust 2004