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a term generally used to describe a male figure who has the characteristics of a wasp. Generally known in a circle of friends as a wild crazy whiskey drinker, this type of person uses many idioms to describe his surrounds. Steaks are quite possible and more probably his favorite type of food. He may also have several European characteristics such as earrings, manpris, a keen sense of cooking in the kitchen. He loves futbol, mostly a team in the English Premiere League. FIFA is or is one of his favorite video games.
"Hey Hazan, give me that slice"

Hazan "Laurant quit being such a cheese, and enjoy the cricket."
Glen Fiddich tərəfindən 08 Fevral 2010

hazan sözünə oxşar sözlər

cheese fifa slice steak
<img src="trashcan.gif" border="0">
I'm checking tags to delete tags
hambl tərəfindən 01 Aprel 2003
A small killer bee with markings simalar to the gowns of a nun
look out, ther is a hazan nest in that tree
hambl tərəfindən 01 Aprel 2003
a cross eyed nun with a bull whip, a dead cat, and a bottle of gin
oh my god what is that smell, it smells like a hazan!
Shrambler tərəfindən 31 Mart 2003