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A homosexual who has the unreasonable fear that somewhere, sometime, someone may be having heterosexual intercourse. And enjoying it.
Proud Labour Conservative is the current personification of a Heterophobe, as he has a complete fear of heterosexuals. But he also has a complete fear of using his own name.
And, for some reason, he attacks conservatives and Bush officials as homosexual.

"You think maybe he's trying to compensate for something?"
- from 'Shrek'
Proud Conservative tərəfindən 17 Sentyabr 2003
114 165
Someone who dislikes and hates heterosexuality. Someone who has an aversion, a repulsion, a disgust or a hatred of heterosexuality.
At the very thought of sexual activities between men and women heterophobes are disgusted.
james tərəfindən 29 Noyabr 2003
248 102
One who has an irrational prejudice of heterosexuals.
I am using heterophobe in a sentence.
tradesman tərəfindən 10 Sentyabr 2003
134 55
A gay person who has an unfounded fear of heterosexuals (as if they could catch it). Almost as stupid as a homophobe; except heterophobes can usually spell correctly.
Some gay jocks beat up some harmless straight guys for no reason. The jocks were heterophobes.
Cary Granite tərəfindən 29 Sentyabr 2005
136 75
heterophobe- one who has an irrational fear or hatred of those that lead the heterosexual lifestyle.
Cecil, an avowed heterophobe, pointed to a couple in the distance, "See Arthur, see them, nasty breeders, what right do they have to be at a pride march" he sighed, "Filthy, Filthy, they look like the Cleavers, oh look(he points to a child running with a ball), see, look, theres Wally, now where's the "Beave"?
rockinjellyfish tərəfindən 23 Aprel 2006
72 23
The inverse of a homophobe.
Heterophobe is a word.
Kurushimus tərəfindən 17 Oktyabr 2006
50 22
What we all are/were in 1st grade and below.
Heterophobe: Eww...That girl has cooties.

3254768y tərəfindən 21 Mart 2009
39 19
Chris Crocker

Very rare, but a gay person who is afraid of straight people.
Chris Crocker is a heterophobe.
5475768jghf tərəfindən 20 Mart 2009
27 17