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Pig Latin word for "nix" meaning "nothing" commonly used to indicate something has been cancelled, refused, or stopped.
Ixnay the igpay atinlay peaksay.
D.starck tərəfindən 11 Noyabr 2013
8 0
Pronounced "ix nay"

Pig latin for nix
"Ixnay on the Omarmay".
charles tərəfindən 30 Aprel 2004
342 136
to cancel, cross-out plans

"Ixnay our plans to go swimming at the lake: it's pouring rain out now"
neugotik tərəfindən 10 Avqust 2008
154 81
That circle with a line through it, usually red, the universal icon for no, not, don't; as in no smoking.
As the cursor moved across the screen, if turned into an ixnay where it was not possible to drop the dragged information
webstyr tərəfindən 05 Yanvar 2008
89 135