there's this girl that you know who, takes you for who you are even with all your faults and insecurities, who understands you even when your silent, makes you laugh uncontrollably, pulls your heartstrings and makes the most beautiful music ever everytime she speaks.
katie is just full of wonderful surprises, i love the fact that she can hold it down herself, annd she really doesnt have any big worries in life, one think i do LOVE is, she knows where her life is going. very independent. and very very beautiful. i love her eyes, her smile. the way shes just so charming. she can be sweet, but yet spicy when it comes to it. and most of all, every time i hear her voice especially when it softens up, i just melt like a candle. im glad i met her, and i dont know if she told you how i got her attention, did she put me in so much work, but i'll do it over and over again because being with her is worth every single second. im falling hard for your friend, and for once im not scared to fall.
thatgeekedup tərəfindən 25 İyul 2009
A common name used in America and Canada. It comes from the greek Katharos meaning 'pure". Short for several names succh as Kathleen, Kathryn, Katherine, Catherine.
The first woman of record to have bprne the name was Saint Katherina who was put to death for her beliefs. The crusaders were evidently moved by her story because they carried news of St. Katherina back with them to Europe and began to name their daughters in her honor.
Famous songs include:

"k-k-k- Katie"
"Beautiful Katie"
"Katy lied"
animalgal247 tərəfindən 28 Oktyabr 2007
A very attractive young lady. One with goals and morals. Attracts the opposite sex. Not one to be messed with. A Totally awesome and cool chick. Gift from God, to Men.
Jack: So what did you get for christmas?
Frank: I got a sweater, a iPod, chocolate, and a Katie!
Jack: Wow, you got a Katie???
Frank: Yes, sir ee Bob
Jack: Wow, your so lucky. I wish I had one of those:(!
your dream woman tərəfindən 26 Fevral 2009
a katie is normally very smart very attractive very cool girl. amazing kisser and all of the guys want her. A katie always gets the boys that she wants and can get any guy. Many other girls envy a katie because of her abilities with the guys and her looks. a katie is normally boy crazy. But if you are ever lucky enough to find yourself a katie, be careful they are amazing and rare and they can get their heart broken easily. a katie is normally gentle and caring but also hot sexy and a party animal
A katie
1. hot
2. great kisser
3. very smart
4. all of the guys want to squeeze her ass and they want to fuck her
5. Great in bed.
6. loves to party hard
7. honest and great friend
a katie is also very outgoing and very loyal. if u have nothing to do on a saturday, call katie and go to starbucks or a movie. a katie loves to go out and spend money with a boy. a katie likes double dates and she normally always love daisy flowers. a katie has an amazing ass and all of the boys want to squeeze it when they walk by her hot body. u dont have a katie in your life? you should go out and get one
"did u see that hottie back there?"
"yeah, shes deffiently a katie"
"i wish i had a katie like that"

kxoxbitchyxodh tərəfindən 30 Yanvar 2009
the most beautiful girl alive, she's perfect in every aspect, and is also the coolest girl alive!.
"wow she looks like a katie"
'awe, dude she totally is, but watch it her bf's a monster-of-a-dude!'
"wow i guess, look at that guy! =O"
gomez appople jorb tərəfindən 28 May 2008
An absolutetly gorgeous person. Someone that can light up your world when u see her. The most beautiful, intelligent, wonderful girl.She's to good for the boys. If you're not her friend, you're missing out!
Beautiful Katie
chimone tərəfindən 28 Avqust 2008
An amazing beautiful person. Who is a great and fun person to be around with. Katie is also a person who can bring a smile to your face and when she smiles back it warms your heart. Katie also has all the below characteristics.

1. Nice
2. Beautiful/ Cute
3. Someone you could talk to for hours on end.
4. Has the tendency for people to stare at her because she's so cute.
5. Makes you miss her right after you just saw her.
6. Is beautiful both inside and out.
You know you're a Katie if

Your favorite songs are: "I'll Be", "Our Song", "Love story", "Because You Live", and "Chicken Fried"

Your favorite candy is: Peanut M&Ms

Common first impressions are: Whoa who's that awesome person?

Larry<3Katie tərəfindən 22 Fevral 2009

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