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Lethologica is a psychological disorder where in an individual temporarily forgets key words, phrases or names in conversation.
Dumb: You know the word for when you can’t remember a particular word but you know what it represents?
Dumber: No. What’s the word?
Dumb: I can’t remember.
Dumb & Dumber: (laughter)

hippy2981 tərəfindən 27 İyun 2007
when you can't remember the word you're trying to remember
what was the word again?
boo tərəfindən 13 Oktyabr 2004
When your talking to someone and you just can't for the life of you remember the hell you were going to say.
Guy 1: Yo I was at the bar last night and....
Guy 2: And???
Guy 1: I just dont remember what I was sayin...don't you hate that? I wish they had a word for that.
Guy 2: They's lethologica
Lethal Knowledge 101 tərəfindən 10 İyul 2008