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A general term used to indicate suprise and/or displeasure by the "internet" set, largely referred to as Anonymous.
Two gay men are having sex.
God: "lol wtf."
goingtomoonbrb tərəfindən 03 May 2006
A term coined by ftjer "generica" which is used to describe the feeling where you laugh but aren't sure why.

can also be used to laugh at someone's peculiar behavior.

"lolwtf you're stupid"
lolwtf tərəfindən 14 Aprel 2005
To laugh (maybe) at an odd moment that can be considered as a what the fuck moment.
Person 1: *sees two having sex and a shark eating them* Lol wtf was that about.
Michael Habizzle tərəfindən 26 Aprel 2007