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when the lips of the vagina hang down beyond ones hopes
"Wow, that girl had some loose lips"!!
D-val tərəfindən 27 Oktyabr 2007
"Loose Lips Sink Ships" As opposed to keeping your mouth shut. Talks freely about confidential matters. In WWI, any casual talk about shipping schedules was supposed to give German spies information for Uboats to sink critical cargoes.
It wasn't what Monica's lips did for Bill but what Monica's loose lips did for Linda that got Bill impeached.
swddn tərəfindən 07 İyul 2009
when you get drunk and tell everyone and anyone your secrets
"what the hell, you told everyone about sarahs surprise party!"
"dude, im really sorry, i had loose lips like crazy."
Valleymen tərəfindən 06 Dekabr 2009