A state located in New England. Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts, and Worcester is the second biggest.
New Hampshire people tend to hate people from Massachusetts, but they're just jealous because there's more things to do in Massachusetts than there is in New Hampshire.
Chewy tərəfindən 16 Oktyabr 2004
A state located in New England that all other states should give thanks to, purely for the fact we started this country. And if any other state says otherwise, it is a widespread idea that these states should be given to the canadans, because everyone knows that canadans don't count.
Thank you Masachusetts for being both senic and beautiful, and harsh and dirty. Especially thank you Southie for breeding some of the best scum of the earth.
Little Miss Mass tərəfindən 25 Aprel 2005
Home to quite a few sports teams, such as the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, Worcester Ice Cats, and a bunch of other less important ones. The first perfect game of baseball was pitched in Worcester (my hometown). Also, Robert Cormier, and Esther Forbes, both famous authors are from Worcester. Massachusetts is home to one of the most famous orchestras in the world (Boston Pops), one of only five in the US which have starting salary's of $100,000. Also, MA is home to the only institution in the North East dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition, and interpretation of arms and armor. (Higgins Armory Museum-Worcester) Worcester also houses the nation's "finest pre-Civil War concert hall," Mechanics Hall. Massachusetts played a very important part in the development of the American nation, beginning with the Pilgrims. Also, there were the Salem Witch Trials, the Battles of Concord and Lexington, , the Boston Tea Party, and all those things you learn in American History class. Massachusetts is also the first state to allow gay marriages, much to the chagrin of many residents. There are gay festivals held in Boston Common every summer. I accidentally walked into one unknowingly... Also, Massachusetts is a great example of the renowned 'Crazy New England Weather.' Theres snow in the winter (a LOT), it gets WICKED HOT in the summer, there is beautiful foliage in the fall, and pretty blossoms in the spring. Terms from this region include WICKED, FRIGGIN, which can be used separately, or together (WICKED FRIGGIN), BUBBLER (water fountain), JIMMIES (sprinkles), UEY (u turn), Candlepin Bowling, COMMON (park in the middle of the city), and CELLAR (basement). Massachusetts has in it a bunch of important universities, such as Harvard, MIT, Wellesley, WPI, and Tufts. As well as like 12345 other colleges and universities...I mean theres more colleges in my city then there are in the whole state of Alaska, I'm not even kidding!
I live in Massachusetts, as opposed to, you living in Massachusetts...Chargoggamanchaugagoggcharbunnagungamog... aka...Webster Lake
Er!ca tərəfindən 31 Avqust 2005
A state part of New England where gays can get married. It is also home to the Red Sox, Super bowl champion Patriots, the Bruins, and the wicked sucky celtics and also called taxachusetts because the taxes are to damn high
I live in Massachusetts.
mike H. tərəfindən 16 May 2004
the best place in the world. It has more history than probably any other U.S. state. It is also home to the country's most aggressive drivers, the Kennedys, the world's best colleges and universites, many democrats, the New England Patriots, the beloved Boston Red Sox, married gays, and the best people you will ever meet. It costs a fortune to live here, taxes are ridiculous, and everyone you know is either irish or italian, or both, and hating the NY Yankees is part of culture. People who live here experience the best of all four seasons and have easy access to beaches, lakes, rivers, and mountains (for skiing). Its not unusual for residents to use New Hampshire for its tax-free prices and illegal fireworks. ;]
person 1: where do you live?
person 2: I live in Massachusetts.
person 1: Lucky. shit i live in friggen Montana
becccca tərəfindən 24 Avqust 2006
a wicked awesome state where people can enjoy all four seasons without leaving. home of Boston, second best US city to New York. home of 2 champion sports teams-the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots! Don't forget the Bruins as well! Home of some of the greatest colleges and universities known to man. we have mountains, rivers, lakes, an ocean, ponds, national parks and monuments, and other cool things too good to beat!

Massachusetts is the..

Massachusetts is "The Spirit of America."
V. Williams tərəfindən 28 Sentyabr 2005
A state in New England, home of several famous sports teams, rich history, a great culture, as well as some bad stuff mixed in too. A common misconception is that everyone from Massachusetts is from Boston, and that Massachusetts is one big city. This is not the case however. On the quiet, western side of the state, it's mostly farms and small towns. There are some larger cities, though, such as Northampton and Springfield, but it isn't terrible populated. We in western Massachusetts are nothing like our eastern counterparts; we're better drivers, we speak normally, and basically everything opposite what you would think someone from Boston is like. Except for wicked, we do say wicked.
Person 1: Oh you'ah from Massachusetts? Can you pahk my cah in Haavahd yahd?

Me: Fuck you, I'm from Western Massachusetts.
PeepeeTime tərəfindən 21 Yanvar 2013
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