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-to be sleeping constantly, like that of a narcolept, without regard for what is going on; for instance, in class during a test or while having a deep conversation in the car
(Armando is trying to stay awake during a spanish test but his head keeps bobbing up and down and eventually he falls asleep)

Hey Mando, Mando! Quit narcin!
cgp24 tərəfindən 28 Oktyabr 2009

narcin sözünə oxşar sözlər

becca hallucinate nap narc narchin narcolept narcolepts plant red sleeping
a type of green leafy plant with dark red berries used to dye clothes. other uses include using the juice of the berries as a strong hallucinogenic with out-of-this-world results, sometimes, if used too frequently, resulting in severe painful spasms.

pronounced "narchin".
"we need to go and pick some narcin"
Rahael tərəfindən 16 May 2007