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When posting on a forum, you submit a post only to find that someone has posted the same thing only seconds earlier.
Ha ha, Julia Roberts is so lame.
Ha! Julia Roberts is so lame.

EDIT: DAMMIT! Ninja'd!
mrespman tərəfindən 22 Oktyabr 2005
777 219
To stealthy steal something from a person your having a conversation with where by they do not realise youv taken it untill much later.
Bob: wtf? wheres my cellphone?
Jason: What this one?
Bob: dammit how?
Jason: i ninjad that about 10 minutes ago
Kuram tərəfindən 31 May 2007
28 23
Ninjad- the verb form of Ninja

1. v. The past tense form of taking an item from a person without their noticing, usually right in their line of vision.

2. Used in the popular game "Halo" for xbox 360 when a player is getting chased down by another from behind, jumps backwards, and assassinates the enemy. (past tense)
Person 1: Where did my gum go?

Person 2: Bob totally ninjad it from you when you were playing basketball with him.

Person 1: Damn it, he is always taking my gum.....

Player 1: How'd you kill that guy when he was chasing you and unloading bullets into your back??

Player 2: I totally ninjad him, he never saw it coming.

Player 1: ohhhhhhh, what a noob....
Epic Lavalamp tərəfindən 24 Mart 2010
3 8
To take something quickly and quitely without anyone noticing. Offen used in the online game WoW when a party member takes an item without the party's consent.
Tim: Dude you gotta see my new phone it's so boss.
*tim reaches in his pocket for his phone*
Tim: What the hell, who ninjad my damn phone?
Mike: oh dude I thought you knew I was looking at it like 5 minutes ago.
Tim: How the??
ninjadyurcar tərəfindən 28 Avqust 2009
5 10
when you are assassinated by a lone ninja who used only a spoon to cut out your throat and sent you straight to hell
Satan: so how did you end up here
Bob: somebody ninjad me
Maste Hades tərəfindən 24 Noyabr 2009
15 21
to steal or take unnoticed by another
Dave Ninjad from Sue a drink of her coffee when she was looking the other way
Levian tərəfindən 23 İyul 2009
2 9
when someone ninjas you it means they send you a chat on facebook saying either ninja, you've been ninjad, ect. knowing that are logging off right after it sends.
*kate opens up facebook chat and sends a message to john saying 'i just ninjad you' then logs off*

john: dang it she did it again

kate: hahaha he can never ninja me back...i must be too ninja
Beccerz777 tərəfindən 07 Aprel 2011
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