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usually used when you're tired of saying yellow, asian, azn or any of that garbage
man those fucking noodle niggers ate my dog
snuff tərəfindən 28 May 2007
a asian trieng to br black
look at that asian sagging wearing a chain total noodlenigger
tmack11 tərəfindən 23 Aprel 2010
-n. A term for an Italian, relating to the fact that Italians do in fact eat a lot of noodles. It is usually used if the person is behaving in a particularly Italian fashion.
Person 1: "Look at that loud, conceited, obnoxious Italian who just cut in line and is yelling."
Person 2: "What a noodle nigger."
ContraceptivelyTasty tərəfindən 21 Noyabr 2011