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Someone who was not very bright as a youth in school.
You can't expect him to know that; he was a paste-eater.
KilgoreTrout tərəfindən 24 May 2005
1) An insult, someone who would have eaten paste when they were a kid.

2) Any one who can't eat solid food.
i.e. babies, guy with a broken jaw

3) Jesse Borges
1) Ahw man, don't invite Karl, that guys a fucking paste eater.

2) Want some more strained carrots paste eater?
zoloft zantac tərəfindən 28 Mart 2004
someone who eats paste
see him over there he eats paste
lucki tərəfindən 24 May 2005
Someone refined in the art of inserting his/her finger in the nostril and munching on the contents.
Ralph Wiggim is such a paste-eater.
Pub O'Brien tərəfindən 24 May 2005
A person that swallows "the paste" when performing fellatio
So she's not the cutest but hey, she's a real paste-eater.
flyingtiger tərəfindən 24 May 2005
another term for a geek, nerd, dweeb. Someone who does not fit in.
Refers to the kind of kid who got in trouble for eating paste in preschool activities.
Watching Star Trek reruns is for paste- eaters.
handyman tərəfindən 11 Fevral 2004