The post hardcore genre developed from the hardcore scene in the USA in the late 1970's. Post harcore is based on the same structure as hardcore but with a few added creations such as beatdowns, blast beats and breakdowns.

The beatdown consists of a standard 4/4 rock beat which is played with a lot of aggresion so the song feels really powerful and edgy, the guitars are usually play chords or moderatly fast picking during this part of the song,the vocals in this part of the song could be screaming or singing.

A blast beat is usually used a pre-chorus or can be used as an intro or build up to a solo. for a blast beat the drums would be playing double bass while the snare and hi-hats would be played alternatly or two strikes on the snare for every one on the hi-hat at high speed while playing moderatly fast double bass, the guitars in this part of the song would be playing very fast alternate picking, the vocals during a blast beat are usually a very deep scream or roar.

In post hardcore the breakdown is probably the most powerful part of the song because this is generally the heaviest part. In a breakdown the drums would slow down into half time or even slower and would play a pattern on the bass drum usually with a lot of double which can be fast or slow which the guitarists would follow, the guitarists would follow the double bass pattern playing palm muted notes on the lower strings to make it really heavy. The vocals in a break down tend to go from a period of low screams to a period of higher screams which may be done by the one vocalist or going between two vocalists.

Some bands in this genre are
Here are some good post hardcore bands: I Killed The Prom Queen, Parkway Drive, As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, Bleeding Through, Every Time I Die, Bring Me The Horizon, August Burns Red, All Shall Perish
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Toby Savin tərəfindən 04 Sentyabr 2007
Top Definition
A style of underground music that evolved from combinations of different genres of music. It combines elements of punk and hardcore/metal. Some also refer to bands that are post-hardcore as "emocore." Although many consider post-hardcore to be heavier and less main-stream than emocore. Post-hardcore includes screaming as the major vocalization technique within most songs, with melodic singing at other times. Some bands have a "screamer" and others who "sing," while still others have one lead vocalist who goes from screaming to singing throughout a given song.
Dude, I was at this show yesterday, there were some awesome bands, especially this one post-hardcore band that played at the end.
Geko Martel tərəfindən 04 May 2004
Agenre of music formed when people in the hardcore scene got tired of hardcore's limited form. Retains some characteristics of hardcore but builds more on tension and release
Fugazi, Quicksand, and Jawbox are really good post-hardcore bands. The Used isn't post hardcore, it's pop punk trying to be scary
geoff tərəfindən 01 Aprel 2005
This definition applies to modern post-hardcore, not the old school one.

Post-hardcore contains elements of hardcore, punk, and metal, with slightly heavy, fast-paced guitar riffs. Screaming is the main vocal feature, but there are also melodic breakdowns sung in clean vocals at other times, usually in a fairly high voice.

The lyrics are often regarded as what people believe as "emo" nowadays, but if emo really did stand for "emotional", then practically all music out there should be called emo as well, like Britney Spears. The real emo is actually very different compared to the emo that MTV brainwashed everyone with, but I won't go into depth about that because there are plenty of entries of emo that talk about the real deal.

A lot of people like to associate modern post-hardcore with emo and screamo, especially since some post-hardcore bands selected those as their genres on their Myspace, but that is because Myspace doesn't have anything near post-hardcore as a selection, so selecting emo and screamo are probably the only other closest genres that people would familiarize with post-hardcore (although the real emo and screamo aren't very similar to modern post-hardcore at all). Please don't call post-hardcore "emo" and "screamo". It's post-hardcore.
Some modern post-hardcore bands include:
Funeral For A Friend (before Tales Don't Tell Themselves)
A Skylit Drive
Escape The Fate
Chasing Victory
Before Their Eyes
Eyes Set To Kill
Dear Whoever
I Am Ghost
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liklibo tərəfindən 23 Sentyabr 2007
A genre that was started by emo kids that hated other emo kids, but stayed true to the punk and hardcore roots, thereby emerging as one of the greatest genres of music of all time.
Great post-hardcore bands? Why, try;
Bear Vs. Shark
Circa Survive
The Rites of Spring
and, of couse, At The Drive-In.
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xMaxx tərəfindən 12 İyun 2006
Music that is as heavy, nasty and edgy as hardcore but not as one-dimensional and features exponentially less use of the words "respect" and "hate" in its lyrics and content... It has nothing whatsoever to do with Taking Back Sunday or Dashboard Confessional; defining "Post Hardcore" in such a manner displays profound ignorance of even the slightest notion of what constitutes this phrase's crucial rootword "Hardcore" and anyone providing such a definition that includes the above-mentioned bands wouldn't know "Hardcore" if it walked up and punched them in the teeth while wearing brass knuckles or if Sheer Terror was playing a live show in their mother's basement.
"That website all the emo-mo's and whitebelts whine and post pictures of themselves on lists 400 Blows as "Post Hardcore" - that's interesting, I'd call it Metal or Rock."
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MattFromVacationlandWhat tərəfindən 04 Yanvar 2006
A respectable genre, that combines the heavy musical structure of hardcore with more melodic vocals. Post Hardcore generally contains the same guitar structure as hardcore, for example; the breakdown. This Genre is in no way another way of classifying 'emo'. And doing so would illustrate ones ignorance in relation to this branch of alternative music. Although post hardcore often contains, emotional lyrics.

Some post hardcore bands:

-a skylit drive
-Behind Crimson Eyes (good aussie band)
-Drop Dead, Gorgeous
-Escape The Fate
-The Fall of Troy (experimental)
-From Autumn to Ashes
-The getaway plan (good aussie band)
-Protest the Hero
-Story of the Year

Some hardcore/Metalcore bands:

-Bring Me the Horizon
-Destroy the Runner
-Haste the Day
-I Killed The Prom Queen (aussie hardcore, GETSOME!)
-Mortal Treason
-Parkway Drive (aussie hardcore)
emo kid: omg taking back sunday are so post-hardcore!!

post hardcore kid: *round house kick*
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Haydie tərəfindən 23 Fevral 2007
Originally, a generation of art punk bands emanating from the infrastructure of what had been the American hardcore punk scene. Closely related or perhaps even derivative styles of post-hardcore included math rock and emo.

The Washington, DC scene surrounding Dischord records circa 1985 is often considered ground zero for post-hardcore, thanks largely to Revolution Summer, a campaign by Dischord to revitalize the then-creatively stagnant Washington, DC hardcore punk scene. Initially, groups like Embrace, Rites of Spring and Ignition integrated melody, a sense of groove, an introspective lyrical focus, and a stronger command of rock songwriting into hardcore sensibilities, though subsequent groups formed circa 1987 such as Moss Icon and Soulside moved post-hardcore into a more art rock direction by introducing elements such dynamic shifts, progressive songwriting styles, and angular guitar work influenced by the original post-punk movement, in many ways the sonic and spiritual antecedent of post-hardcore.

Fugazi, formed in the late 1980s by former members of Embrace and Rites of Spring, were arguably the most important and influential post-hardcore band. Committed to independent rock values, touring throughout the world, and relentlessly pioneering stylistically, Fugazi played throughout the 1990s and set the tone for the American underground rock scene during that time. By the start of the new millennium, post-hardcore groups like At The Drive-In, Unwound, Les Savy Fav and the Dismemberment Plan had all released sonically lush albums, landed major label contracts, or both. Additionally post-hardcore had also arrived as a force in popular culture by that time under the guise of emo, for better or worse. Sadly, post-hardcore's current state is one of confusion and dilapidation, as many pedestrian emo groups have adopted the term as representative of their style in hopes of increasing their credibility.
Native Nod were a post-hardcore group fronted by Chris Leo.
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Mmccormick88 tərəfindən 17 Mart 2008
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