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1. (n.) One who will perform sexual acts if payment can be arranged. (Payment does not have to be moeny.)
You ARE a prostitute??? Damn mom, that's cold... that some real cold shit.
Adolf Hitler jr. tərəfindən 04 Aprel 2003
2946 707
Description: fuck 4 cash
Xample: who needs 1???????????
Anonimous tərəfindən 28 Yanvar 2003
1677 818
A women who sells her body to a variety of creeps, low-lifes and degenerates. The majority of her wages goes directly to her abusive scumbag pimp who takes pride in the fact that he arranges for her to be degraded at the expense of scum.
Since when was it Okay to go screw and fuck with a bunch of killers, junkies and perverts?
BadLieutenant tərəfindən 21 İyun 2004
1774 1105
Someone who has sex for money/jewellery, gold etc..
Cool Guy tərəfindən 26 İyun 2003
1017 518
Verbosely defined as someone who sells their own personal morals and/or values for the idea of money, not necessarily for sex.
At work I feel like I prostitute myself, having to agree with my boss, lest he fire my ass.
Stephan Smolka tərəfindən 06 Yanvar 2009
750 428
A prostitute is someone who will love you no matter who you are or what you look like
Chef, what's a prostitute?
anonymous tərəfindən 13 İyun 2003
494 271
A celebrity who sells their "integrity" to corporations and hawks their goods in commercials!
Wasn't that the "Jeopardy" host on that commercial saying how good a phonics program is?

Yes, one of the hoardes of celebrity prostitutes
Piranha tərəfindən 04 Noyabr 2004
714 521