Basically, Most people like to say 'Green Day isn’t Punk'

Green Day is punk. Green Day, had the balls, to change there style. They grew out of there old style, and made there own. Most 'punks’ say Green Day isn’t punk.

Green Day is punk. They developed a new sound, that people like to whine about. In these day, how can you NOT be political? Really?

Green Day care about there fans, even If they have money.
Green Day is punk. No matter what you say, Green Day is punk.
Beatrice Josephine tərəfindən 16 Avqust 2006
Someone who uses friends to say mean things to you over IM.
Someone who pretends to want to hang out with you but doesn't really want to.
Someone who looks good in football pants.
Someone who pokes other RELENTLESSLY.
"Trevor Hakobe Mamola is such a punk, he is probably the worst punk ever."
Claireeeeeee tərəfindən 11 Avqust 2007
"Punks are either male or female people, who wear mostly black, red or white. They often listen to punk/emo/heavy metal/ < amy thing 'head bashing'. They dont care what other people think of them. And normally they are the people who do stupid thinkgs (for example people on Jackass) Punks are hot!"

Shut the fuck up you stupid fashion uppsesed fuck, No Punks don;t listen to heavy metal and emo , they just listen to punk, including any sub genre of punk which are street punk, hardcore punk, anarcho, original punk, Punk pop(am not talking about the faggotisim on MTv am talking about ramones ,queers,screaching weasels,etc) and even emo(emotive hardcore punk not the faggotisim on mtv but real emo bands like fugazi and rites of spring.)And they in no way care if they look hot........Its because o fucking shallow bitches like you that music is fucked up now in days you fucking bitches get your fuckin panties wet over any fag that has the punk look, DO US ALL A FAVOR AND DIE!!!!!
look at those "punks" they call us posers but we know its not true because we listen to simple plan and sum 41.Dude were soo homo.

True punk - Screaching weasels, new york dolls, ramones, dropkick murphy, dead kennedies, sex pistols, blitz, the clash, the unseen, the exploited.
Notgiven. tərəfindən 13 Mart 2006
to steal something less than $20
dude, i just punked this 40 from the store
twot monster tərəfindən 24 Fevral 2006
"Its because o fucking shallow bitches like you that music is fucked up now in days you fucking bitches get your fuckin panties wet over any fag that has the punk look, DO US ALL A FAVOR AND DIE!!!!!"
Yeah metal is the same fucking way too.The bulk of the fags who listen to it get their panties wet for anything with pointy logos or the metal "look" about it and they're fucking up music and turning the whole world into a bunch of gay ass fashionista fucktard trendwhores who can't think for themselves.
Kill all poser punks such as the common metal twat!
this society is so gay and posery tərəfindən 03 İyul 2006
:people whom belive in an anarcharcal society and think that money is all evil and the world is a horrible place and are only trying to make it worse instead of makeing it better
: also a type of music
punk person:goverment sucks
normal person:not realy,why
punk person:it does because i dont know but it does
commie lover tərəfindən 31 May 2007
...a complete group of people who think they are better then preps and think their shit dont stink... guys like girl punks becuase they are complete whores and like to wear black fish nets and skirts way up their ass...most of them dont care what people think of them. most of the girls are frumps and think they can get any guy becuase they think they are sexy even though they are gross and guys just like them becuase they are easy. they think they have a good sense of style...but they just look stupid and people make fun of them..but unless of course you are a punk then they think they are the shit...the guys carry around pocket knives...and like to cut themselves...they listen to satanic music and go around hurting peoples feelings but when you turn around and hurt theirs they cry their little black eyeliner eyes out and turn emo...look up emo....but of course if you are a cool punk and listen to sweet music and dont do that kinda of stuff then you are sweet...

but of course there are SOME exceptions
ali and her friends...
8D tərəfindən 08 İyul 2005

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