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A woman far too old to be a cougar, who even though she no longer has IT, continues to pile on makeup and chase much younger men. Martha Raye was an example of a true saber-toothed tiger when she scored that gay guy before dying.
Dude, I banged a saber-toothed tiger this weekend. She popped her teeth out, blew me and then gave me some milk and cookies after we finished up in the sack.
Justin Goff tərəfindən 01 Mart 2009

saber-toothed tiger sözünə oxşar sözlər

cougar milf moose smilodon animals bite bobcat gilf mrs. robinson puma; wildcat; affair tail tilf
Like a cougar, but older. Whereas the term cougar refers to an attractive, seductive woman in her late 30s and up, a saber-toothed tiger is an attractive, seductive woman in her late 50s and up.

A Saber-toothed tiger is also referred to as a "smilodon".
"Check out that cougar by the bar, man! She has been eyeballing me all night."
"Cougar? She's older than cougar, bro. That right there is a saber-toothed tiger."
osirusr tərəfindən 22 Sentyabr 2011