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the nicest person in the world who is such a good friend!!
Sanaz you are the nicest!
Elise!! :-d tərəfindən 23 İyun 2003

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Sanaz is a Persian female name meaning "full of grace" or "with pride". Alternative spellings include Sannaz. It is originally the name of a flower. its also know for Most Beautiful, Smart, Full of love, Honest, Very educational and also very intelligent, loves Family, love the name Amir, DJ, AMP
very Cautiousness, Understanding the deeper reasons why things happen, Very flexible;Willingness to change plans or ideas without getting upset!
Sanaz is a Turkish name. It is compounded of two words: 'san' and 'az'. 'San' means likeness and 'az' means few. So the meaning of Sanaz is 'unique'. It is used in Turkish speaking parts of Asia, including Iran, since more than two thirds of Iranians speak Turkish.
Padesha tərəfindən 12 Fevral 2014