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A drug lab.
The science class was raided and 10 kilos of crack was confiscated.
Anonymous tərəfindən 07 Oktyabr 2002
somewhere where no one does what they are supposed to do. A place to run around, listen to music, bother the teacher, mess with ppl, burn things, pretty much doing anything that isn't productive.
your like my science class.
EM tərəfindən 09 May 2002
Wasting time learning nothing.
I typed this in science class.
Sean McReynolds tərəfindən 02 Fevral 2004
This is the place where absolutely no one does anything at all, even things you aren't supposed to do because you are on the verge of falling asleep...or dying!
Marie: Hey damien, are you having fun in science class today?
Damien: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Marie: I was talking to you!
Damien: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Marie: talk to me you asshole!
Damien: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Teacher: what's going on here?
Marie & Damien: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
hippopotomonstrsesquippedalio tərəfindən 30 Mart 2009
One of the best patrs of the school day...
I get A's in science class
Shawn B. tərəfindən 07 May 2003