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SKrunT: a domineering woman.
Very Overdemanding.
has no patience for her partner.or anyone else.. for that matter
My girl is being a real SCRUNT lately...
All she wants is "Her,Her,Her!"
Glurnt,Glurnty tərəfindən 22 Oktyabr 2003
7 14
the paw padding movements made by an affectionate cat as it settles on ones lap
Go scrunt over there puss, you're annoying me.
spandex tərəfindən 15 İyul 2003
3 11
to search for something with more than a hint of desperation
Little Jimmy scrunted through the drawer almost as if his very life depended on finding that manky pair of panties.
veggiewarrior tərəfindən 23 Aprel 2003
4 12
A hairless pussy
"Have you checked out Halle's scrunt?"
Johnny Queefer tərəfindən 22 Fevral 2003
7 15
The area on a hermaphrodite that lies where the scrotum meets the cunt.
"That is the worst hatchet scrunt I've ever seen."
shecky weinshem tərəfindən 27 Dekabr 2005
6 15
Young cunt. Based on the same word construction as "scrod." Since "scrod" is young cod, then "scrunt" is young cunt.
We was out looking fo scrunt.
Drew B tərəfindən 01 İyul 2005
36 45
1. The result produced when a cunt is smashed by a flying headbut.
2. derogotory term used to describe a slut or fuckhead.
Has it's origins from busted up weekends.
1. Looks like she's been kicked in her scrunt guts.
2. I am scrunt munted!
Baz tərəfindən 21 Aprel 2004
20 29