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Shark mouth is when a girl has a scary lookin mouth that reminds you of a shark.

shark mouth is often enhanced with braces and thin lips.
appears that if your dick was inserted, it could be bitten off.
dude #1: "dang man, that girl's got a bad case of the shark mouth"

dude #2: "yeah dude, it looks like your thang would be bit CLEAN OFF"
skipster mcgee tərəfindən 21 Aprel 2010

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The smell of someone after drinking the bright yellow energy drink Shark, manufactured by the geniuses at Shark AG. A cuttingly sweet saccharine disease ridden aroma. What people with leprosy would probably smell like if they had munched sugar until their rotting teeth had dropped from their oozing gums.
What the f**k, your Shark Mouth has knocked my guts splashing.
dextaar tərəfindən 03 Aprel 2006