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(v.) The act of defecating into a sock, dipping it into water, and using it to beat someone, preferably in the face.
Josh wanted to pull a prank on garret, so he thought about shlogging him.

Josh was going to shlog garret.
Josh Heape tərəfindən 24 Oktyabr 2007
101 13
(verb) Walking through sewage - possibly derived from "slogging through shit" or "shit slog".
Man the toilets have all backed up! I'm not gonna shlog through that shit!
Gyro-Beau tərəfindən 20 İyun 2004
9 11
not quite shoe, not quite clog; clog with lip on the heel
I wore my shlogs instead of my clogs to work today.
Shoppy tərəfindən 15 İyun 2004
9 13
Phlegm, or nasty bile that sits in the back of your throat. Nasty vile stuff.
"whats wrong?"
"i got some shlog in my throat."
"sick dude."
Charlar tərəfindən 22 Yanvar 2008
1 8