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A small water park in Lisle, Illinois.. The first year it opened was great because all the guy lifeguards were banging the girl lifeguards at will.
I worked at SLAP and banged some bitches that worked there. We also drank a lot and smoked a lot of weed, quite frankly, everyone had a blast.
Teabag tərəfindən 12 İyul 2006
to have sex
After Eric left the club he was ready to slap
Simone tərəfindən 01 Noyabr 2003
music you can bop your head to; good bass.
Damn cuddie, that new Mac Dre is slap!
Ric Dank tərəfindən 23 Dekabr 2003
The act of loading a program off of a disk device and into memory very quickly.
He slapped the program once he received it.
Larstait tərəfindən 06 Noyabr 2003
commonly reffered to as 'smoke' usually weed
used everywhere and anywhere to diguise the word smoke

yo gm motors, you up to slap?
- yeah KAlifornia bitch, i'd love to slap!
i'm talking about don , you know ?
_ yeah boi! i know!
greg "slap the donald"masina tərəfindən 14 Avqust 2007
A song with a lot of bass or just has a dope beat.
A yo that Gigolo Remix SLAPS!!
J-Boy tərəfindən 24 Yanvar 2004
that act of smacking something with the palm of the hand
I slapped her ass because it was nice looking.
Zac tərəfindən 10 Fevral 2003