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Soquid is the physical term for a semi-solid. Soquid is a state of matter between a solid and a liquid. While similar to a solid in some respects (it can support its own weight and hold its shape), a soquid also shares some properties of liquids, such as shape conformity to something applying pressure to it, or the ability to flow under pressure. Soquids can also hold peaks. Soquids flow more slowly and are "thicker" than a liquid. Semi-melted Jolly Rancher, Peanut Butter, Slushies, and the Wendy's Frosty are all examples of soquids.
Dude: Whoa! Have you heard about that state of matter!
Dude 2:Yeah! The one between a solid and a liquid.
Twin Girls: You two sound intellectually sexy!
Dude and Dude 2: Want to go grab a soquid?
Twin Girls: Mmm. A sexy word for frosty. Sure!
Neon10 tərəfindən 29 Mart 2011
A substance that is not a complete solid and not quite a liquid. Popularized by Wendy's to describe the Frosty. The technical term is an amorphous solid
Examples of soquids other than a Wendy's Frosty include glue, mercury, and pudding.
some punk kid tərəfindən 11 May 2006
A phase of of matter that is has solid and liquid properties, hence the word soquid. A soquid could be either semi-frozen/melted matter or matter that is composed of small particles of solid mix with the right amount of liquid. Slushies, smoothies, and ice cream and other things are poor quality soquids and most may not even be soquids. Mercury is a dense liquid with a high viscosity, not a solid.
Soquids melt faster than soft solids that have a similar or lower melting point. Soquids can also hold peaks. Soquid is (sqd). H2O(sqd)=H2O(l)<>H2O(s). Freezing and melting is occuring at the same time.
Honey, peanut butter, Wendy's frosty, magma, semi-melted glass (which acts like honey), possibly quicksand. All in the soquid phase.
Neon10 tərəfindən 24 Sentyabr 2010
(sok-wid)Noun; A newly discovered phase of matter in which the liquid state and solid state of matter is combined only physically possible on Earth. The soquid consists of 50% solid and 5o% liquid. This phenomenon makes it the fifth newly discovered phase and is in order with the rest of the phases as so: gas, liquid, soquid, solid, and plasma.

The soquid was recently discovered in the year 2006 when two young male connoisseur's of Wendy's restaurants when one of them bought a so-called "frozen treat" called the Frosty and questioned its "frozen" properties. Thus the race to find the meaning of such phenomenon was taken to a high school as a project for a science class by these two young males. later, it was discovered that this "frozen treat" could be better with added toppings creating the ultimate frosty and the frozen treat. Wendy's has since then referred to the Frosty as a soquid and eventually took all rights to consider it theirs. See wendy’s

Anyone can see this phase of matter at any Wendy's restaurant franchises everywhere. No other company has ever imitated this phase for lack of skill or lack of courage to mess with nature in such a supernatural way. Due to the large volume of customers in these restaurants each day could Wendy's be considered a haven to some. See stoners graceland.

*Beware: for some, the mere sight of a soquid-based treat can be life-threatening experience as some have the following symptoms: pupils dilate, skin gets Goosebumps, extreme licking of the lips and cheeks, and an overwhelming state of mayhem when there is a long line at a Wendy’s restaurant.
The frosty,(not to be confused with frosty) is to be considered the purest form of a soquid. Legend has it: one who replicates the Wendy's dessert shall be killed with a lightning bolt on a clear-day sky.
leebal tərəfindən 18 May 2006
1. A liquid and a solid in one.
2. Smooshy yet not a liquid
3. Something that does not run (liquidy)
The melted glass is not runny. It is a soquid.
Shea Daubney tərəfindən 10 Mart 2008
1. A liquid and a solid in one.
2. Smooshy yet not a liquid
3. Something that does not run (liquidy)
The melted glass is not runny. It is a soquid.
Shea Daubney tərəfindən 10 Mart 2008
The term used to describe a bowel movement where the fecal matter is neither solid nor liquid.
That chinese food gave me the soquids, I had to use a whole roll of toilet paper to clean up proper.
Blood Spartan tərəfindən 21 İyun 2007
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