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dickhead. Slang originating in the back arse of nowhere in Ireland eg. Tipperary
"That fella was an absolute stook!" ~heavy Tipp accent
Colm "the stook" ryan tərəfindən 13 May 2004
48 31
To have forecful anal intercourse with a female.
I totally stooked that slum last night.
SPEnis tərəfindən 23 Aprel 2005
37 27
An Alcoholic drink of Zimbabwean origin consisting of Vodka, Soda water and a splash of coke. Served with a slice of lemon and ice and always in a large glass.
Hi barman could i have a stooks special.
squirrell1234 tərəfindən 15 Oktyabr 2013
6 1
A Honda S-2000 automobile. 240hp 4-cyl VTEC convertible. Stook is the spoken form of S2K
Look at the yellow stook at the light.
Matters tərəfindən 05 İyun 2003
25 21
a combination of steel and took
that bitch stook my man!!!
calisyd00 tərəfindən 27 İyun 2014
0 0
this is the correct term for the word and in no way should be denied entry into the Urban Dictionary:

past tense for "stood"; it is a combination of 'stood' and 'stuck'. Or past tense for "stuck". Used in Baltimore vocabulary
"She stook up for us!"; "I stook up for you when he bashed you!"; "Man, I stook it to her last night!!"
Ms. Trina tərəfindən 21 İyul 2009
15 15
Another word for "stuck"
Why are you bleeding? He stook me with a shank.
platatomi tərəfindən 23 İyul 2011
2 6