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Extremely, very; a lot.
"Dude, he is stoopid fly!" "Damn, you bought stoopid chips for this party! We'll never be able to eat all these!"
Seph tərəfindən 04 Noyabr 2002
After smoking copious amounts of cannabis (note: not actually stoned) a person may feel "Stoopid" as their brain is still clouded from the effects of the ganja.
Student 1: "Mr. Teacher is pretty off the ball today huh"
Student 2: "I think he is just feeling a little stoopid"
The Boaby tərəfindən 19 Mart 2012
A shorter way to refer to the band Slightly Stoopid
Are you going to the Stoopid show tonight?
Hell yes I am. I would never miss a Stoopid set.
Markatak tərəfindən 29 May 2007
The sound a female dunmer often makes when dying. See Morrowind
"You n'wah! Stoopid!"
Nerevar tərəfindən 11 İyul 2004
A word used to describe someone, or something that is hilarious or silly without it having to be an insult.
"that's stoopid!"
Mobs Moberly tərəfindən 30 Yanvar 2009
smart way of spelling stupid, used to highlight extreme stupidity, cluelessness, or ineptitude
Women are stoopid drivers.
Andrew Baroody tərəfindən 09 May 2006
extremely funny though absurd
when chris tucker first came out he was stoopid
187 red rum tərəfindən 15 Sentyabr 2006