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Part of moco, a very tricky place for those less educated to navigate. A retirement area for a lot of hippies, therefore a place where people smoke quite a bit of weed.
"Yo, you chillaxin' in tkpk tonight?"
"Yeah man, it'll take us 2 hours to find our way in there but we gon smoke some crucial buddah"
MORGAN tərəfindən 06 Dekabr 2004

tkpk sözünə oxşar sözlər

confused flounder harlem lame poofter tacoma park twisted wankster
where the real becomes unreal--- b/c of all the weed
WORD! lets be hippies in tk pk, moco!
2005 tərəfindən 09 Dekabr 2003
town of the hippy, near the greatest town of all time SILVER SPRING, MD
i got lost going to chipotle and ended up in tkpk at the co-op
chrissy tərəfindən 06 Dekabr 2004