v. To post something that you do not actually believe, with the sole aim of provoking reactions. Derived from the fishing term, meaning, "to cast a wide net."

n. A person who trolls - i.e. a person who posts, NOT because they believe what they're saying, but just to see how much time and energy they can get strangers to spend on them. The one thing all types of trolls have in common, is that the poster DOES NOT actually believe what they are saying (someone who posts something they actually believe may be ignorant, but they are not a troll). The only reason a troll posts is to provoke reactions, and any reaction, especially any negative reaction, will make them happy.
1. (criminally malicious and easily recognizable) That troll just posted some really defamatory or obscene things about someone who just died IRL.
2. (relatively benign and a bit harder to recognize) (in a Star Wars fan forum): (Hello. I am a troll, although I would not actually come right out and say that). Why doesn't anybody realize that Luke Skywalker attempted suicide in Empire Strikes Back? (Continues to insist this, even after 600 arguments by 50 different fans, whereas a normal person who actually believes this would have just mutely agreed to disagree by now, if nothing else because 50-1 arguments are exhausting for normal people).
3. (political. Sometimes easily recognizable, sometimes not) (regarding a subject that has nothing to do with political policy whatsoever): (Hello, I'm a troll.) It's all x political figure's fault. insert ludicrously flimsy reasoning
KM459 tərəfindən 02 Noyabr 2015
Someone who spams and posts crap to annoy the hell out of people. They always use ALTS
Omg that troll posted a 8==D

/ \

| |

| |
( ) ( )
#stupid #spam #idiot #roblox #rt #ot
DerpySquidButter tərəfindən 15 Dekabr 2014
Term that originally referred to internet forum posters who attempted to disrupt good conversation with inflammatory rhetoric. Now used primarily as an insult by real trolls aimed at those making arguments the other forum members don't like.

Although many forum admins won't allow name-calling, members often get around this rule by throwing around the troll ad hominem excessively.
RedState - The supreme court just ended freedom as we know it by passing government run healthcare.
MisterReason - The Supreme Court is not capable of "passing" bills. The PPACA is not a government run healthcare proposal. All healthcare will still be privately run.
DixieChic - Who let the troll in the door?
TheGipper - Someone ban this troll
#troll #ad hominem #personal attack #trolling #flaming
Zadig tərəfindən 02 İyul 2012
A term used to describe people, typically in a lower age range, who attempt to make a nuisance of themselves by acting like an ass and proceeding to used cliched memes such as, but not limited to "Umad, bro?".

The term has aged poorly, comparable to the way MLG has. Trolling (because no one could have known this!) used to refer to intelligent toying with others to incite rage. However, creativity has waned and now the word is known by basically anyone with an internet connection. Monkey see, monkey do.

This has been a public service announcement.
RandomTF2jackoff: Can somebody go medic?
RandomTF2jackoff: ?
#twerp #douche #comemedian #memelag #haha #that's funny
Psychotick tərəfindən 12 May 2012
a bunch of fat kids that have just discovered the internet and use the word troll as an adjective for bad things happening.
1. HA HA that earthquake just trolled japan!

2. Dude this test is gonna troll me.
#troll #fat #kids #japan #bad #stupid
Lord Tennyso tərəfindən 31 Mart 2011
The following is the unbiased accurate definition of trolls as defined by internet society.

1. Trolls (n.) – the most important and integral part of networked society. The largest, most effective, devoutly objective, chaotically neutral, uniform and selfless autonomous collective to ever grace existence as an order of peace, stability and power. A collective that does not require self-awareness. The last true charitable organization, where every action is one that does not serve the cause of advancement, personal gain, discrimination or betterment. And… the only defense we have against ourselves.

2. Troll (n.) - one who upsets another without reason or direct personal comments.

3. Troll (n.) - the only effective defense against internet tough guys and the spread of ITGS (SEE: Internet Tough Guy Syndrome)
Tom - "Hey Jim, if it wasn't for these damn trolls maybe we could actually enjoy this online game."

Jim - "Tom buddy, if it weren't for trolls people would never raise awareness of this online game's shortcomings and promote the cause for the betterment of all online gaming. But yeah that guy was an asshole, lets go play something else."
#troll #awesome #btard #trolling #asshole #douche #watchmen #angels #demons #faggot #goon #retard #4chan #internet #hate #machine #tough #guys
Anticrawl tərəfindən 10 İyun 2010
An older gay male, usually over 35 or so, who hits on younger guys who aren't interested in him. When they tell him they aren't interested, the troll will often flip out and get angry. Trolls are not just something seen in chat rooms but can be found just about anywhere people hang out/gather. Many trolls are secretly into underage guys but don't talk about it unless they are talking to another troll who is into the same thing, or if they are talking one-on-one with an underage guy.
Some guys are perpetually undeservedly hit on by nothing but trolls. Just because I like classic rock doesn't mean I want to date somebody my dad's age. Get over it.
Ryan Thompson tərəfindən 06 İyul 2004
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