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Hermaphroditic genitalia, in which there is a penis, but instead of a scrotum or testices, the bottom half of a vagina is present.
It's hard to tell if that person's a guy or a girl. I bet he has a venis.
Yashi4001 MatthewGuay tərəfindən 28 Mart 2004
I came. Comes from Julius Caesar's phrase "Veni, Vidi, Vici" or "I came, I saw, I conquered." Used when someone wants to inform another that he has achieved orgasm.
Person 1: Hey look at the rack on that chick.
Person 2: Hnng!!
Person 1: What was that?!
Person 2: Veni.
Russell Alpaca tərəfindən 23 Aprel 2011
Stands for Very Erotic Non Insertive Sex.
We had so much fun having VENIS last night.
Ruby Rubchuck tərəfindən 14 Noyabr 2006
a femal penis
suck my venis biotch
sallie tərəfindən 23 Mart 2004
The yummy area above the penis that is muscular and tight and oh so well defined!! Best viewed peeking out of a pair of low shorts or boxers.
David Beckham has one delicious venis!
Nikko143 tərəfindən 19 Noyabr 2013
A funny way to refer to a Vagina.
"Dude, your venis is exposed in those tights!"
darth biscuit tərəfindən 26 Noyabr 2013
The end result when a woman changes her vagina into a penis.
"Dude! Rachel is now Rick! She totally has a Venis!"
Jazbear tərəfindən 14 Fevral 2009