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the single greatest backyard, street, and beach game ever created! ever ever
" yo brian wanna go play wiffle ball"
" fuckin yea lets go... Im up first!"
justin tərəfindən 11 May 2004
the only, truly good substitution for baseball
sam plays wiffleball at pupque
Anonymous tərəfindən 27 Aprel 2003
Noun or Verb: To perform sexual intercourse with a penis made semi-flaccid by intoxication or exhaustion.
"Oh man, I could barely get it up after all those beers. The best I could give her a was a wiffle ball."
Adman12 tərəfindən 30 Avqust 2005
A code for smoking pot so you can talk about your plans to smoke in front of protective parents.
Tyler: "Hey man, lets get loaded"
Drew: "shhh bro. My parents are right outside"
Tyler: "oh yeah. Lets go hit the wiffle ball"
Six foot bongs tərəfindən 05 İyun 2013
A code word for smoking marijuana.
Tyler: Hey lets go play some wiffle ball, Drew!
Drew: Sure! Do you have any wiffle balls?
Tyler: Of course!
Wiffle Ball Creator tərəfindən 05 İyun 2013
the greatest game in the world where you throw the ball that has holes in it and go around the bases and this is really confusin
Carly tərəfindən 17 Oktyabr 2003